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    Unmanaged content is taking a huge toll on today’s businesses: It affects productivity, complicates regulatory compliance, increases business and legal risks, and drives up the cost of doing business. Management and maintenance of unstructured content is costing organization significant time and money. There is an immediate need for organizations to develop an Enterprise-wide Strategy for Managing Unstructured Content. Estimates put the amount of unstructured content in a typical business at about 80 percent. That includes e-mails, reports, documents, Web sites, presentations, contracts, CAD drawings, images, and other content that is usually (but not always) computerized, but still unmanaged.

    The unmanaged data in a company may be structured data in a proprietary format that’s incompatible with common applications, or data that’s inaccessible to most of the organization because it’s stored in homegrown systems based on legacy technology. Or perhaps it’s the location of the content that’s the problem: data residing on isolated servers, in duplicate files, or on the internet—in multiple repositories and various languages all over the world—and simply unavailable to those who need it. The solution is an effective enterprise content management (ECM) system that can consolidate all your digital content into a single repository, so it is accessible and available to those with proper authority wherever they are in the enterprise.

    Our ECM portfolio covers the following solution:

    Oracle ECM

    Oracle Content Management offers the most unified, usable ECM platform in today’s market. With centralized control across single or multiple repositories, common core functionality & easily scalable content mgmt. capabilities, Oracle provides content mgmt. solutions for all content types and all users—wherever they work in the enterprise.
    Fusion BDS

    It is a unique and first of its kind solution that addresses innovative document mgmt. techniques and areas having significant room to boost organizational performance and efficiency. It does not just automate business docs/ papers but also empower users to track every action that needs to be taken in time to meet business deadlines.
    Fusion Docs

    Our Fusion Docs provide a comprehensive solution without the high system costs and data input and indexing costs normally associated with Electronic Document Mgmt. It provides a remarkably simple solution at a fraction of the usual cost. Using the latest web technology this electronic document mgmt. system can be configured to work for small companies, projects and departments up to large ones. It can be tailored to meet specific needs of any type of company.
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