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    The key to business growth is customers. Whether they are new customers you are trying to acquire or customers you already have and want to retain, being able to effectively manage your relationship with them is critical to the success of every organization. Delivering an outstanding customer experience is the key to setting yourself apart from the pack. Our CRM software gives you a single view of each customer — helping you to align your information beyond sales, marketing, and service to your business network, and to equip your people with the insights they need.

       Defining right strategy, process and technology needs
       Defining key processes requirements
       Establishing performance model and measurements scale
       Consolidating strategy, process and technology requirements
       Delivering right solution with agility

    Our CRM portfolio covers the following solution:

    Seibel CRM

    Oracle Siebel CRM solution  provide organizations the power and flexibility to get the right information to the right person at the right time. Offering with more than 20 industry specific solutions under different deployment options.
    MS Dynamics CRM

    MS CRM software solutions that work within Microsoft Outlook to help companies manage sales, marketing & customer service operations. It covers end to end functionality including sales activities, customer service  and marketing operation.
    Fusion CRM

    It is our homegrown solution that covers various functions starting from boosting sales, performance, lead mgmt. and sales force automation along with managing customer relationship. This can help managing complete activities of sales staff & improved opportunity management.
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