• Intelligent ATM & POS management software yields powerful insights. Using ESQ’s ATM & POS management platform—with comprehensive, real-time analytics—you can quickly optimize self-service payment device networks to sustain top performance and capitalize on new opportunities to increase transaction revenue.

       Accelerate: Eliminate the typical lag times between data collection, analysis and reporting, to
         support fast, agile business decisions.
       Unify: Integrate data from multiple ATM/POS and transaction switching networks, for a deeper,
         more holistic view of your business
       Analyze: Correlate with key business performance and risk indicators, to guide immediate and
        ongoing business improvements.
       Data Conversion and MigratiStrengthen: Assure uptime, business continuity and customer
        satisfaction, to protect your revenue and brand.on
       Capitalize: Identify and act on new opportunities to grow sustained ATM/POS transaction revenue.

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