• Non Interactive Dashboard

    FusionNID is a non interactive Information publisher that can access data from different enterprise application and display real time information. It comes with built in KPI engine that can display business critical information and help management in taking right decisions in right time. You can also build your own KPI’s that help in monitoring your business specific activities, tasks, deadlines and pending actions. It keeps you updated with latest status by a glance and very effective in tracking progress, penalties, deadlines and actions.

    Highlights :

       Represents business status from multiple applications sources such as ERP, CRM, HRMS, PM
       Can be used by different departments, business units and projects.
       Displaying information in the form of non interactive slides as scorecards.
       Can be implemented at multiple locations, branches etc.
       Pictorial representations of business KPI’s,
       It supports multi languages
       It helps in quick decision making and planning through B. I. T
       NID can be deployed in any business vertical to monitor any business activity.
       NID can run as a stand alone application, as an open interface feed.
       Security levels for each KPI or groups of KPIs can be defined.
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